Podcasting Network at W&M

Podcasting Network at W&M

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  • An Extra Sip
    An Extra Sip
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    45 Episodios
    Spoiler alert: this podcast is not going to pave the way to enlightenment. I’m a college student who likes talking to herself about absolutely nothing, so welcome. Hosted by yours truly, Myriam Samake, tea will be spilled and shade will be thrown so sit back, get cozy, and enjoy “An Extra Sip” because why be enough, when you can be extra?
  • Epic Uglies
    Epic Uglies
    Categoría: Educación
    2 Episodios
    Just two kids giving their two cents that nobody asked for. We cover anything from current events to advice to pop culture to everyday life in an unedited, unfiltered conversational format.
  • Fools & Fiction
    Fools & Fiction
    Categoría: Cine y Televisión
    45 Episodios
    Two college kids and their occasional friends have various talks about their """good""" opinions on good fiction.

    (ultimately we’re creating a podcastopolis / and no one can stop us)
  • Heat Check
    Heat Check
    Categoría: Deportes
    14 Episodios
    On Heat Check, we discuss topics of interest and share our opinions on sports, lifestyle, and current events. We have regular contributors and special guests, but mainstays Abhishek Goel and Aron Jaffe host the discussion.
  • I Did What?
    I Did What?
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    55 Episodios
    A podcast all about embarrassing stories, personal or otherwise
  • Shut Up and Watch
    Shut Up and Watch
    Categoría: Cine y Televisión
    6 Episodios
    Podcast about film, TV, and all things pop culture. Hosted by me, Alicia Devereaux. Please subscribe so I’m not just shouting into the void.

    All Music used is royalty free!
  • Something Snappy
    Something Snappy
    Categoría: Gastronomía
    11 Episodios
    In Surviving Sodexo, hosts Sam and Abe take their conversations to the various dining establishments at The College of William and Mary. They discuss current events on campus, dining related topics, their lives, engage in generally mediocre and vulgar humor, and invite guests from various clubs and organizations across campus to talk ... Más informaciones
  • Spilled Beans
    Spilled Beans
    Categoría: Cine y Televisión
    7 Episodios
    Podcast Description: An alternative name for this podcast was “Opinions You Didn’t Ask For,” but the graphic for that title just didn’t look as nice. Spilled Beans is a rotating cast of William & Mary students who talk about topics relating to film, television, and music. Each new episode plays out as a casual conversation among ... Más informaciones
  • Talking TWAMPs
    Talking TWAMPs
    Categoría: Política
    56 Episodios
    The Talking TWAMPs podcast is where several politically in-tune and interested WM Students (TWAMPs) talk about political issues facing the nation. While you may not agree with us, we only hope to inspire thought about the challenges we need to overcome. While our opinions are editorial, our interest in the world is absolute.
  • The Bote-Talk
    The Bote-Talk
    Categoría: Cultura y sociedad
    1 Episodio
    Welcome to The Bote-talk! Founded in Spotswood Hall (in the Botetourt Complex), our variety-type podcast combines the best of pop culture, news and politics, science and the arts, William & Mary life, and so much more! Put on some headphones and let's get Bote-talking!
  • The Debrief
    The Debrief
    Categoría: Ocio
    6 Episodios
    Two university students, one Scottish, one American, just trying to make it through with their brains and livers still intact. Calum and Katja talk about at their mistakes, hot takes, and general streams of consciousness.
  • The Space
    The Space
    Categoría: Noticias
    1 Episodio
    Offering insight into topics that make you think. Hosted by Citiana Ali and Sasha Wai. Current events, guests, music—we cover it all! Follow us on Instagram: @thespacepod
  • The Voice of the Paper
    The Voice of the Paper
    Categoría: Noticias
    13 Episodios
    The Flat Hat's rundown of the top news stories on campus each week. This podcast discusses the highlights of the stories we cover, and goes into more detail about why we report on the things we do.

    Music: www.bensounds.com
  • W&M Geology Lecture Series
    Interested in Geology? Unable to make it to the Lecture Series put on by the W&M Geology Department? Well, you came to the right place!

    In a co-operative agreement between the PNWM and the W&M Geology Department, all of the Lectures from the Geology Lecture Series will be put up in this Podcast, as long as the speaker allows!
  • W&M Journeys Abroad
    W&M Journeys Abroad
    Categoría: Lugares y viajes
    4 Episodios
    Ever thought about studying abroad? Wish you knew just a bit more about what you are getting into? Want to hear from the students themselves about what they experience while there?

    Well, this is the right place! In this podcast, organized by the William & Mary Study Abroad Student Advisor Board and supported by the Reves Center, ... Más informaciones
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